All our kite equipment is available for rent on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Have our own gear? Keep it safe in our secure storage.

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Kite Gear Rental

If you already know how to kitesurf and have your own equipment, rock on! If you think you’d like to try kitesurfing, it’s advisable to have a few lessons and make sure that you’re stoked about it before investing in the equipment as it can be quite pricy. All equipment necessary for rental is available at Viento Kite School.

We offer kite equipment rentals in Siargao Island for experienced kitesurfers. We require IKO card or proof of skills. You can rent a full set or just one item for as long as you need. We also have kitesurf boards for rent. In addition to the rental, you can use our compressor, get assistance from our beach boys, and enjoy all of Viento del Mar’s facilities. Check our prices below. All prices are in Philippine Pesos (PHP).

Equipment 1 Hour Half Day 1 Day 1 Week
Full Set (Twin Tip Board) 1'500 2'500 4'500 16'000
Full Set (Surf Board) 2'000 3'000 5'000 19'000
Kite & Bar 1'000 1'500 3'000 9'000
Twin Tip Board 400 1'000 1'500 6'000
Surf Board 700 1'500 2'300 7'000
Harness 300 700 1'200 5'000
Booties 200 500 800 3'000

Kite Equipment Storage

If you travel to Siargao with your personal kite gear, take advantage of our secure storage facilities for your equipment. You will also be able to use our compressor, shower / bathroom facilities and lounging areas in Viento del Mar Resort.

Length Price
1 Week 1'000 PHP
2 Weeks 1'800 PHP
3 Weeks 2'400 PHP
1 Month 3'500 PHP
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