Happy Christmas and New Year from Viento

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Christmas kicked off at Viento del Mar in style with the arrival of our two live turkeys. A big thanks for the turkeys goes to Liam from the Drunken Carabao tour, a unique tour to Siargao where you ride through the beautiful countryside on a Carabao (water buffalo) after drinking unlimited quantities of rum and coke, beer or moonshine.  Our turkeys enjoyed their last night  in the Viento garden, overlooking the amazing oceanview, before becoming part of our Christmas dinner. During dinner, the turkeys were joined by stuffing, apple compot, vegetables and potatoes.  Everyone claimed it a great success and the turkey dinners sold out immediately.   

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SiargaoHappy Christmas and New Year from Viento

Why Its More Fun in Siargao

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South of Surigao del Norte, and 800 kilometers from Manila, Siargao is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Above all things, Siargao is mostly known for being the Surfing Capital of the country. This island region, which is made up of 48 islands and islets and composed of nine municipalities, is home to one of the most popular and challenging surfing waves that is known to surfers all over the world. There are many surf spots in Siargao, but the first and the most popular is “Cloud 9”, where the annual Siargao Surfing Cup – one of the largest international sporting events in the country – is held.

Siargao is also widely known and frequently visited for many other reasons. It is a place for those who like adventure spots and to spend lots of time surrounded by the beautiful wonders of nature. The islands are blessed with an abundance of offshore marine life, making it both a wonderful diving spot and fishing spot. Scuba diving is a popular pastime here and, although the reefs are not in the best condition, the topography is second to none with huge expanses of crevasses and the famous Blue Cathedral dive spot. Game fishing here is excellent. Siargao Island is the game fishing capital of the Philippines and hosts the annual Game Fishing Competition in April. Blue Marlin and the Yellow Fin Tuna are among the most prized game fish here.

Siargao also has the largest mangrove forests in the Philippines. What makes the mangroves so special here is that they form water roads that are ideal for kayaking or boating. Other water activities include wind surfing and sailing.

It’s also more fun in Siargao to get tanned or simply hang around the most beautiful, postcard perfect spots on the island. The views around the Naked Island, Daku Island and Gayam Island, along with so many other natural spots, are breathtaking. There are also many caves and lagoons to explore.

Of course, the list of reasons why it’s more fun in Siargao can’t be complete without the mention of its people. The locals live quite the laid back lifestyle, with a unique culture and set of traditions. But more importantly, the people here are very hospitable and welcoming to visitors. Tourism, after all, is their biggest industry, along with seaweed propagation and copra farming. It’s more fun in Siargao to relax because not only are you surrounded by the most beautiful nature, but you’re also among the friendliest of people.

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SiargaoWhy Its More Fun in Siargao