Happy Christmas and New Year from Viento

by Siargao on December 28, 2015 Comments Off on Happy Christmas and New Year from Viento

Christmas kicked off at Viento del Mar in style with the arrival of our two live turkeys. A big thanks for the turkeys goes to Liam from the Drunken Carabao tour, a unique tour to Siargao where you ride through the beautiful countryside on a Carabao (water buffalo) after drinking unlimited quantities of rum and coke, beer or moonshine.  Our turkeys enjoyed their last night  in the Viento garden, overlooking the amazing oceanview, before becoming part of our Christmas dinner. During dinner, the turkeys were joined by stuffing, apple compot, vegetables and potatoes.  Everyone claimed it a great success and the turkey dinners sold out immediately.   

 Moguly and turkey

The beachfront directly outside Viento del Mar was packed with guests visiting us from all over the world to watch the fun filled scenery of many people kitesurfing as Santa gave us great wind for beginners and experienced riders alike.  The conditions lasted all day, and Mark the owner from Viento del Mar, and John our close friend who has been helping with our website, progressed quickly through their lessons from flying a small trainer kite to body dragging and finishing with Mark doing his first board starts.  There were big smiles on both their faces and anticipation for their next session.

kite picture

Other guests enjoyed the complimentary Stand up Paddleboarding for Christmas Day in the crystal clear water of the lagoon.  Many took delight in sampling our local Summer Sling cocktail comprised of vodka and freshly grown watermelon, along with other beverages.  The afternoon gradually progressed into the evening after a perfectly sunny day with blue skies. We enjoyed a mix of old school music hits while people enjoyed life and the relaxed atmosphere that Siargao provides – it is no wonder that so many people come here on holiday and end up staying much longer!

We are getting excited for the New Year here at Viento del Mar and the return of daily yoga classes. We have a great new breakfast and daytime menu, and early evening movie and tv nights coming soon.
We hope you all had a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in 2016.
SiargaoHappy Christmas and New Year from Viento