We offer a range of kitesurfing courses to suit everyone's needs. Learn at your own pace or save by booking a course.

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Viento Kite School

Viento Kite School offers a wide range of kitesurfing lessons in Siargao Island for beginners as well as experienced riders. Whether you just want to have a taste of kitesurfing or are determined to conquer the wind, we will be able to find the suitable course for your needs. Our team of experienced kitesurfing instructors will make sure that you progress as fast as possible in a safe and fun environment.

As Siargao is the mecca of surfing in Philippines we also offer kitesurfing lessons with kitesurf strapless directional board in flat water as well as waves. Get double stoked while riding the waves.

If want to progress a step further, take our Advanced Course to practice turns, jibes, toe side and first hooked-in jumps. Mastered those already?It’s time to move to unhooked tricks!

Once you and your instructor feel that you can be an independent rider you can get a kite equipment rental to practice on your own. We offer an extra discount to our students.

TRY IT - Discovery Course

2'900 PHP


Introduction course aimed at those who want to get a taste of what kitesurfing is about. Practice with a trainer kite and with an inflatable kite.

3’000 PHP per person

  • Introducing the sport

    Trainer Kite Control. Kite set up. Safety systems and kite flying theory. Basics of inflatable kite flying.

  • 1.5 Hours / 2 Hours

    Private / Group

  • 1-4 Students

    Perfect to get a taste of what kitesurfing is about

Beginner Full Course

17'000 PHP


The course you need if you decide to get serious about the sport. Takes 3-4 days and covers all the basics from kite control to board water starts and first rides left and right .

20’000 PHP per person

  • Get on the board

    Safety systems and kite control. Launching and landing Kite. Body dragging upwind and downwind. Water starts. First rides in both directions

  • 9 Hours / 12 Hours

    Private / Group

  • 1-2 Students

    The first step to become a true kitesurfer

Beginner Course - Extra Hours

5'700 PHP


Sometimes you need a bit more time to become an independent kitesurfer. Take a few extra hours to get more confidence in kitesurfing.

6’500 PHP per person

  • Improve your kite control and riding skills

    To gain confidence

  • 3 Hours / 4 Hours

    Private / Group

  • 1-2 Students

    Ideal for people hoping to refresh their skills and gain confidence

Advanced Course

11'000 PHP


Take 5 hours of advanced lessons to ensure the fastest progress. Our instructor will help you take your skills to the next level. You can also learn the basics of riding the kitesurf board in flat water to prepare yourself for kiting in the waves.

12’000 PHP per person

  • Take your skills to the next level

    First turns. Riding Toeside. Improving riding upwind. First Jumps. Unhooked tricks.

  • 5 Hours Private

    Achieve the fastest progress

  • 1 Student

Extreme Course

15'000 PHP


Advanced course to teach Kite Surfing in the waves. Must be an experienced rider, able to ride upwind, and ideally have basic experience with kitesurf board.

15’000 PHP per person

  • Intense course with an experienced wave rider

    Learn to kitesurf in the waves

  • 5 Hours Private

    Advanced course to learn to ride the waves of Siargao.

  • 1 Student

    Ideal for people hoping to touch up on their skills

Flex Course

2'500 PHP per hour


Intensive One to One training with the instructor of your choice completely tailored to your personal needs. Improve a specific skill or learn new tricks -- your instructor will make sure that you achieve your goal.

2’700 PHP per hour

  • Tailored One-on-One Lessons

    based on your needs

  • 1 Hour

    We recommend to take 2 hours at a time

  • 1 Student

    Perfect for those who want to fast track to success

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